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Who Should Learn English?

English is an important element that we must take seriously today. Maybe you often ask yourself; Should I study English? ” Here are some reasons for who should study English.

1. Someone who wants to communicate with people in other countries

You need to know that English is currently used by more than 400 million people worldwide. That is just rough data, and there are likely many more humans who can communicate with us if they are able to speak English, of course. Can you imagine how proud you are, when you meet American, British, Scottish and Singaporean people, then you are able to communicate with them. Doesn’t need to be fluent, but most importantly, they understand what your English means and vice versa.

This is an achievement that is big enough for us to achieve. In addition, English is the language used as the first language in 53 countries and is the official language at any summit. Maybe you think; “I don’t need to communicate with people from other countries. But, nothing is impossible. There is bound to be an occasion where you meet strangers and are eager to chat with them or at least take a photo together. By learning English, you will have more points. You can invite more than a group photo and even take a walk or eat without having to bother interpreting sentences from Indonesian to English.

2. Someone who gets a scholarship and goes to school abroad

Hundreds of Indonesian youth may have high intelligence and can study abroad, but many of them are hampered because of their lack of English language skills. Because one of the conditions for getting a scholarship and studying abroad is an English language ability that is above average. So, don’t let your intelligence and your ambition to reach a higher knowledge be hampered by English. Maybe you are thinking; “I can get a scholarship at home.” But, once again you also have to think about more points. If by mastering English you can get a scholarship abroad, why not?

3. Someone who wants to get better job opportunities

Do you think you could have a much better job knowing English? Of course everyone can have a better job and again, mastery of English can be a plus point when you are about to apply for a job. Of course, with a greater chance of getting a job, there is no doubt that you will get an increase in income as well.

4. Someone who dreams of going around the world

Have you ever imagined being able to travel to various countries? Maybe you haven’t imagined it right now or you are still afraid to have that far-reaching dream. But Nidji always said that “dreams are the key for us to conquer the world”. So, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of traveling the world?
However, one of the important keys that enable us to achieve this dream is English. Why is that? Because whichever country is going to be visited, English is a communication tool that can be received well. So, use English as a “traveling tool” and self-purifying for our dreams of traveling the world.

5. Someone who wants to expand the online business network

One of the most important elements in our daily lives is the Internet, and millions of people use it for business purposes. With the internet, we can sell products in the form of information or real products with a wider reach. But with English, we can get a lot more consumers.

For example, when you have an Indonesian product, for example batik, and there may be thousands of Belgian or Scottish people who have the desire to buy batik. With online marketing based on our English language skills, it is not impossible that our online sales turnover will be far more powerful than usual.

6. A person who wants to enjoy TV channels, books, songs and movies from all over the world

Seeing, reading, and watching everything in the world is a beauty that can feast on the eyes, and broaden your horizons. Please know that there are many foreign films, or novels that are more awesome stories and that you can enjoy with one word, namely “English”. Have you ever thought; “I like the song, but I don’t know the meaning of the song.” It is better if you learn English from now on so that it is no longer a problem for you.