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What’s the Difference Between “Very” and “Too”?

Hi Hi .. Welcome to our website / page: Innovative Learning Center – a trusted English course / tutoring since 2007. This time, Innovative Learning Center English course / tutoring will discuss the difference between Very and Too in English. Any of you who already know?

The two words have the same meaning. However, their usage is quite different. The word very is used to describe an object, person, and situation and can have positive or negative meanings. Meanwhile, the word too describes something and usually means more to the negative.

Let’s look at the following example sentences.

  • The tea is very hot to drink.
  • The tea is too hot to drink.
  • The teapot is very beautiful.

In the first and second sentences, the words very and too explain that the tea is so hot that it will be difficult to drink. In both sentences, the words very and too have a negative meaning because they describe an object that is very hot, but makes it have a negative meaning. As a result, the tea is very / too hot, making the tea unusable right away. In the last sentence, the word very describes how beautiful an object (teapot) makes the viewer happy.

In addition, if you want to make a sentence which has negative meaning, us too. For example: My jeans are too short (My jeans are too short – so I don’t like them).

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