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What’s the Difference Between “Can” and “May”?

Happy activities, everyone. Back again on our website / page: Innovative Learning Center – trusted English courses / lessons since 2007 in the midst of your busy activities.

This time, the Innovative Learning Center English course / tutoring will discuss the differences between Can and May in English. Any of you who already know?

Can and May may be familiar to your ears. Especially those who like to leave class. Right? So, what’s the difference? Take it easy, Innovative Learning Center course / tutoring will provide tips and tricks.

Well, it turns out that these two words are used differently. Not the level of politeness as we might have known. The difference between these two words is more in their usage. Can is used to describe physical and mental abilities. Meanwhile, May is used to ask permission or state a possibility.

Let’s look at some examples.

  • She can do the international dance form.
  • Can you do the international dance form?
  • They may do the international dance form.
  • May I do the international dance form?

In the first and second sentences, the word can expresses and asks about a person’s dancing skills. While in the third sentence, the word may states the possibility of a person being able to perform the dance move in question. For the fourth sentence, the word may asks for permission to participate in the dance move in question.

So in conclusion, if you want to make a sentence about abilities / habits, please use can.

If you want to make a sentence about possibility / permission (allowed), please use may.

Is it clear enough?

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