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The Right Way To Foster The Spirit Of Learning In Children

One of the complaints that we often say is “Why does my child not like studying, just playing all day” But is it true that our children do not like learning? Can you believe that actually we humans are learners? But without us knowing it, we often give unpleasant treatment when children learn (unconsciously). Even in the past, we may be given the wrong stimulation so that learning is not fun.

For example, while our children are infants and 1 year old. He wanted to put everything he could hold into his mouth, right? Well, what most people do at that time is say “Eh, don’t … it’s dirty, you can’t” while pulling the item. Actually this is the basic behavior when a child learns.

Then when he started walking, started wanting to know more about his surroundings, the more restrictions that were issued by parents or caregivers. Maybe because we were tired of looking after children all day, so many restrictions were issued. Even though this is their desire to know (learn) more, to fill in the database in their brain which is still empty and needs to be filled in.

When starting to be able to talk, ask this and that. “What is this? Why?” The answer received is “Don’t ask questions, play alone.” Maybe at that time the caregivers and parents were tired while looking after them, so they were lazy and tired to give explanations and this was a child’s learning process.

When there is a new item in the house and the child wants to hold it or find out more closely, we parents and caregivers keep the item away from him, on the pretext that it will be damaged due to expensive items. From a piece of the example above where this is a real experience that we experience, who makes children lazy to learn?

The next example is an 8 year old boy, let’s call him Armand. His parents really complained that his son did not like studying and had received a warning from his teacher that if there was no change in attitude, then Armand was likely not going to class.

When I met him, I was sure that Armand was an extraordinary kid. As soon as I asked about his hobbies and likes while playing, I quickly found out this kid is extraordinary. Because after I asked him about his hobby, it turned out it was football, and his favorite team was Arsenal (Premier League).

And Armand memorizes all Arsenal’s core and reserve players, along with the coach and assistant as well as the player’s jersey number, the date of the player’s birthday and the list of goal and assist scorers and league standings points and their order. Extraordinary!! In my heart, there is nothing wrong with the hardware (the brain), but the problem is software.

One child is the same, if his brain is made to learn lessons at school does not function (counting, memorizing) but memorizes all Arsenal players. Is this kid stupid? Of course you agree with me, the answer is no. This kid is incredibly clever. It’s just that he is mistreated so he is lazy and doesn’t like to study. So what do I do to make the software good, and make it easy for this child to learn?

What needs to be fixed is the parents first, because for a child at Armand’s age, if there is a problem in his life it means that the parent will help to solve the child’s problem. I teach how to communicate with children and the nature of children’s minds, as well as the importance of putting love first in educating children, all of which will be very long if I explain here.

Here are some tips you can apply to make children love studying and school :

  1. When you get home from school, ask “Hi dear, what’s fun today at school?” Automatically the child’s brain will look for fun things in school and this will indirectly tell the child that school is a fun place.
  1. When the child sleeps (Hypnosleep), say “The more days, the more fun learning”, “It’s the same as playing, learning is also very fun”, “It’s very easy for you to learn (counting, memorizing, etc.)”
  1. Explain the benefits of the lesson that is being studied (according to the child’s interest), for example, by studying multiplication, then when you go to class, you will be able to calculate the price of the goods you are going to buy in Singapore, and you can compare it with prices in Indonesia. If you are good at conversational English then it will be very easy for you to communicate with your football coach who is from Thailand.
  2. Ask the tutor for the lesson (if any), often telling us that our child is a great and extraordinary child. Sincere praise and encouragement is much more important than teaching quick counting and rote memorization techniques. Ask for help from people around, including teachers to increase the self-esteem of our children.
  1. If our child is young and still likes to be read fairy tales, read the fairy tale in his arm (in a comfortable position, and makes it easier for us parents to give a kiss of love or a hug) the goal is for children to associate reading books with love from parents and books are very nice thing.
  2. Using a secret letter from parent to child, we can say “Son, I have put a secret letter for you. Only you and mother know what is inside. Mother, put it under your sleeping pillow, read it after eating, okay?” The contents can be words that encourage children in their learning and school activities.

Hope it helps.

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