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Differences of Both, Either and Neither

Happy activities, everyone. Back again on our website / page: Innovative Learning Center – trusted English courses / lessons since 2007 in the midst of your busy activities.

This time, the Innovative Learning Center English course / tutoring will discuss the differences between BOTH, EITHER and NEITHER in English. Any of you who already know?

You may sometimes be confused about when to use both, when to use either, and when to use neither. Take it easy, Innovative Learning Center course / tutoring will provide tips and tricks.

These three words are expressions to state or respond between two choices. For more details, let’s look at the following example sentences.

Q: Which one do you want to eat? Apple or banana?

  • I want to eat both.
  • Either one is fine for me. (one of them)
  • Neither. I am not hungry. (none of them)

With the same question, there are three possible answers like the example above. The first answer (both) shows that the answerer wants all of the two options available. While the second answer (either) shows that the answerer does not object to choices A or B. In contrast to the last answer (neither), the answerer indicates that he does not want to choose any of the choices given.

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