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Tips for Success in the IELTS Speaking Test

Hi, hi. It seems that friends are really serious about learning to prepare for IELTS.
Well, this time the Innovative Learning Center – a trusted English course / tutoring since 2007 will discuss some common questions that are usually asked when taking the IELTS speaking test section. What are the questions? Check together, let’s go.

1. Where you live / are living now.
– What do you / don’t like most about the area? Why?
– What is the area like?
– Can you tell me about any interesting places there?
– How has the area changed in recent years?

2. Where you come from / your hometown.
– Can you tell me about your hometown?
– What is the area like?
– What do people do in the area?
– Can you tell me about the area?

That’s the question that will be asked in the speaking session at IELTS. Hopefully it can provide an overview and enlightenment for Innovative friends, yes.
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