Enhance Your Language Skills with Our Trusted English Course!

Do you yearn to speak English with confidence and clarity? Are you seeking a trusted English course to guide you on your language learning journey? Look no further than Innovative Learning Center (ILC)!

Why ILC is Your Trusted Partner in English Language Learning:

  • A Legacy of Excellence: ILC boasts a long-standing reputation for delivering exceptional English education. With over 6,000 satisfied students, we are a proven and reliable choice for individuals seeking to elevate their language skills. Unlike new and untested institutions, ILC has a history of success, giving you the peace of mind that you’re investing in a program with a track record of results.
  • Experienced and Passionate Instructors: Our team of highly qualified and dedicated instructors possess extensive experience and a genuine passion for empowering students to achieve fluency. They are not just teachers, but rather enthusiastic guides who will motivate you throughout your learning journey.
  • Personalized Learning Approach: We recognize that every learner is unique. Our instructors tailor their methods to your individual needs and learning style, ensuring a successful learning experience. Whether you’re a visual learner who thrives on interactive activities or an auditory learner who benefits from lectures and discussions, ILC will create a personalized program that caters to your strengths.
  • Focus on Real-World Communication: Our curriculum goes beyond grammar drills and vocabulary memorization, which can feel tedious and irrelevant. We equip you with practical skills to communicate confidently in various real-world situations. You’ll learn to express yourself clearly and effectively in everyday conversations, professional meetings, or travel encounters.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Choose from the convenience of online learning or the interactive environment of our in-person classes. We cater to your preferred learning style and schedule. Whether you have a busy lifestyle or simply prefer the comfort of learning from home, ILC offers the flexibility you need to fit English language learning into your life.
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A Course Tailored for You:

  • Children: Spark a love for learning with our interactive and age-appropriate programs that build a strong foundation in English. Our engaging classes will make learning fun and set your child on the path to fluency.
  • Teenagers: Develop strong communication skills for academic success, TOEFL preparation, or everyday conversations. Our courses will equip you with the confidence to excel in school, prepare for standardized tests, and interact with native speakers with ease.
  • Adults: Enhance your professional communication for work meetings, presentations, or social interactions. Improve your chances of career advancement or navigate social situations with confidence by strengthening your English language abilities.
  • English for Business: Master the language of the corporate world and gain a competitive edge with our specialized business English course. Learn the specific vocabulary and communication skills needed to thrive in the professional sphere.
  • TOEFL Preparation: Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel on the TOEFL exam and unlock further academic opportunities. Our targeted preparation course will guide you towards achieving your desired TOEFL score and opening doors to new educational experiences.


Invest in Your Future Today:

Don’t settle for anything less than a trusted English course. At Innovative Learning Center, we are committed to your success. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and embark on your transformative English learning journey!

Location :

  • Surabaya:
    • Jl. Rungkut Asri Utara XIX No.86
    • Jl. Raya Babatan Pratama No.25 Blok A
    • Wiyung Raya Babatan Pratama No. A-25
  • Sidoarjo:
    • Delta Sari Ruko Delta Fortuna 12 A
    • Jl. KH Ali Mas’ud No. 29, Sidoarjo (Ruko Tiara Town Square)
    • Jl. Taman Tiara, Sidoarjo ( Ruko Tiara Town Square)



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